Favorite films

  • Pecker
  • PlayTime
  • The Man That Was Turned into Juice
  • But I'm a Cheerleader

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  • Charles, Dead or Alive


  • Wet Sand


  • Wanda


  • Looking for Light: Jane Bown


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  • Charles, Dead or Alive

    Charles, Dead or Alive


    “I live in luxury. I think and read…”
    It’s like a uncool version of The Dreamers, a threesome of people inside a house just being.
    I love the dialogues and hang with them and there’s some beautiful cinematography as well.

  • Wanda



    Wanda wanders...
    It makes a double bill with River of Grass, which I think Kelly got some inspiration from.

Popular reviews

  • Reprise



    Finished the trilogy and I like Oslo > Reprise > Worst Person.
    The guys are pricks and the movie is a cool mess, but I like how Trier depicts youngsters angst (and mental health). Although the subject is sad that's my kind of easy watch (soundtrack is good, fast paced...)

    I wish I could go to Trier's movies parties.

    I will forget Louder than Bombs exists as we all make mistakes and will watch Trier close in the future.

  • Elvis


    I'm struggling to see Butler as Elvis, they don't look alike.
    It would be more effective to put a wig on Riley Keough I think.