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  • Portrait of Jason

    Portrait of Jason

    I wrote this story because I wanted to review the film Portrait of Jason during the offseason of State of the Media. State of the Media will return in February—Portrait of Jason is intense. It’s absolute. It’s the most intelligent and cultured film I’ve ever seen but I can’t rate this film five stars because what makes it so gratifying is Black queer exploitation. It is incredibly difficult to watch and welcomes restraint. This type of film is only ever popular when…

  • Waves


    This is what happens when you make film void of the reality of antiblackness. It was both sign and effect of this film.

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  • Freaky


    This film has quite a few disturbing black "jokes" and promotes an image of police officers that does not reflect reality for Black communities and reinforces racist misconceptions. The movie represents a gay boy a white girl and a black girl who are high school students and friends to show how "diverse" they are then for shock value the narrative suggest, in this comedy thriller, that it is imperative the main character's sister (who is a sheriff) pull a gun…




    Out of both of Beyoncé's visual albums, I find self-titled to be the fuller body of work despite Lemonade being lauded as progressive for Black women. It's in my opinion, as a Black transfeminine person, that self-title does what Lemonade claims and was a device that woke up the entertainment industry and pop culture in the early 2010s.