Annette ★★½

Was very aware that this was gonna be a weird one but never did I expect floating, singing baby-puppets. This was so much weirder than it needed to be. Anyway is undeniably different and “art”

The opening number is actually incredible and Adam Driver’s standup sequences are creative and riveting. I accepted the constant songs and opera-ish quality as a stylistic choice but it quickly wears thin around the birth of Annette. Did I mention that Annette is a puppet?  That’s around the time this went from artsy to just pure pretentious and it became so hard to stay invested in what was a continually diminishing storyline 

Which is a shame because there are flashes of brilliance in this movie. It’s crazy to see two top notch actors in Driver and Cotillard even partake in a movie like this and both definitely elevate what we have. But as for enjoyable, this wasn’t for me. It’s gets the 2 1/2 stars from me purely for ambition and creativity. Very strange choice for Prime to go with this in their platform.

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