Bodies Bodies Bodies

Bodies Bodies Bodies ★★★½

Rich kids stuck in a storm, getting taken out one by one. But who is the killer?  A setup we’ve seen before but Bodies, Bodies, Bodies has a bit more to say and has a lot of fun along the way with it. 

The spin on the classic “whodunit” feels incredibly fresh and modern, with our characters easily passing as some of today’s youth, for both the good and bad. The film is very in touch with current culture and it’s sensibilities, but is not afraid to totally shred it apart as well. Where the film best excels is it’s ability to both offer a satirical look at friendships, technology and our culture, while also providing a compelling mystery throughout. It mostly succeeds in the difficult task of mixing in comedy/satire with horror/thriller. 

The third act does get a bit sloppy and there are a few lines that are too on the nose and sequences that are too unbelievable. But a fun final twist puts the whole film into a new perspective and makes you realize you’ve had a better time with the film than you thought. I’m not much of a rewatcher, but a 2nd watch could definitely bolster this films rating. Not only is this film highly quotable, but once you see where the filmmaker was definitively going with their approach, some of the other issues go away. 

Bodies, Bodies, Bodies is smarter than it looks and a pretty successful, new approach to horror that we haven’t seen from A24. 

Side note: I guess living where Pete Davidson is from has one benefit at least; early screenings of his films!

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