Hacksaw Ridge

Hacksaw Ridge ★★★½

I had always avoided this film, as from the trailers it seemed a bit hokey. But after going on an Andrew Garfield run over the last year and following my visit to Pearl Harbor, it felt like a good time to jump in

Hacksaw Ridge is half of what I thought it was, a cheesy, cliched war-hero story. But it’s other half is a bold and brutal war film thats intensity is a welcome contrast from the cookie-cutter first half. And it’s worth the wait. After instant romance, bullying amongst squad mates and an abusive father, we finally get to the goods. The titular battle is epic, making the heroic actions of Garfield’s character shine even more. While we know what will likely happen, you still find yourself on the edge of your seat, watching him evade the enemy and save his men. It’s an unbelievable hero’s tale, but it gets a little too much of the Hollywood treatment. Absolutely worth watching though for the titular fight. 

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