John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum

John Wick: Chapter 3 – Parabellum ★★★½

It’s rare that I rewatch and franchise and have the exact same feelings about all the installments as I did before. I will use this to give my thoughts on all 3 parts of the trilogy before Chapter 4 comes out. 

John Wick: Seemingly a movie we’ve seen many times before, it’s intense action and introduction to an assassin world with a lot of potential, make this more than just your typical straight-to-DVD bro movie. Still a lot of tropes and simple story, for better and for worse. Sets the scene for big upgrades in the franchise. 3/5

John Wick: Chapter 2: My favorite of the trilogy, ups the stakes, elevates the set pieces and really takes the world building to a new level. The club scene is awesome and features an ending that is brutal and shocking, leaving a fleeing JW and loads of possibilities. 4/5

John Wick: Chapter 3- Parabellum: Once again somehow ups to action, especially the opening scene featuring a NBA player being killed by a book, an insane knife shop scene, and our boy John using a horse to do his dirty work. The world building continues but it does get a little too bizarre. The final showdown is frustrating, with good combat but annoying villains who seem like they want to do everything but actually kill John Wick. Another shocking ending similar to part 2 that will once again leave John on the run, looking for revenge. 3.5/5

Very much looking forward to seeing Chapter 4 on Friday. Expecting the same level of awesome action but hoping for more convincing foes. Can’t wait

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