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  • The Lynx
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  • Dogs Don't Wear Pants
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  • Das Boot


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  • Memoirs of a Sinner


  • Heavy Trip


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  • Io non posso entrare

    Io non posso entrare


    Not just an ordinary student work (or just a joke, as Frammartino described it himself), but a little inhuman tragedy with an open final. Thank you for showing your early shorts @ Sala Bianca Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia in Palermo.

  • On Our Watch

    On Our Watch


    A bittersweet dramedy about the vicissitudes of digitalized social life in the near future. The main character works as a delivery service courier, but his daily routes more and more resemble a matrix failure. One day, a virtual analogue of the "dream girl" appears in his life (his own modern Italian "Simone") and it becomes much more difficult to resist the worldwide digitalization. I swear I wanted to cry more often than laugh. One of the curious bonuses for me…

Popular reviews

  • Fabian: Going to the Dogs

    Fabian: Going to the Dogs


    An unbearably honest depiction of a magnificent era. Although Weimar was a depressive period that had already been kissed by death. Weimar, with its eclectic cabarets, bohemian parties, lesbians, gays, scandalous artists, polyamorous marriages, crossdressers, and free people flying into the abyss. Everything coexisted in complete harmonic absurdity. A depressing and doomed fairy tale in a space that was misplaced and never found again.
    Every single street advertisement exclaims, "Learn to Swim!" The reality is simple: do what they say…

  • Black Box

    Black Box


    An intelligent, slightly slow-paced psychological thriller that sometimes flows into a disaster film. I believe listening to "Black Box" is as important as watching it: actually, this is the meaning of the main character's work. There's luckily no graphic depiction of violence, death, sex and all the other "mandatory" attributes of a modern thriller: only brevity and pure immersion in almost impenetrable darkness.

    Matthieu works as an acoustician and the black box from the scene of another aircrash in its…