Skyfall ★★★★★

All of this talk about Christopher Nolan possibly taking on a future Bond film should really be silenced after witnessing "Skyfall", because Sam Mendes just made a very Nolan-like, shot-in-the-arm entry into this franchise. He has made one of the smartest, most compelling, most entertaining, and most tasteful big-budget blockbusters of all-time, and as much as I love Nolan I can't see him doing any better than the feat Mendes accomplished here. Let's just stop this talk about the future and give Mendes some credit for what he has done with the present. 007's 23rd go-round is something to celebrate.

Mendes works like a master surgeon within every frame of "Skyfall", and from the very beginning. He knew he had to rush the franchise into the ER after the internal bleeding that "Quantum of Solace" left on the franchise, and although I'm sure MGM would have been satisfied with a mere mending of some broken bones, Mendes went ahead and completely rejuvenated Mr. Bond and gave the entire world a reason to feel confident and optimistic for where he's going now.

It's been long enough since "No Country For Old Men" for Javier Bardem to take on another villainous role, and he nails it here, making for one of the better adversaries Bond has faced. Judi Dench's M gets a much more significant role than she has in past entries, which proves to be one of the main factors why "Skyfall" sits on a higher pedestal than the rest. What more can be said about this brilliant blockbuster? Well, only pages upon pages. Roger Deakins is a maestro who makes beautiful cinematography look effortless, and longtime Mendes-collab Thomas Newman delivers one of his most involved and diverse scores yet.

Yes, I'm excited for where 007 is headed now...but for this moment, let's stop talking about the future and praise the job done here.


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