All Too Well: The Short Film

All Too Well: The Short Film

not a short film and also just not good. taylor swift is such a good litmus test for people's feminism, i've been saying it for years but she is the female version of a "nice guy". instead of feeling entitled to sex, though, she feels entitled to (wildly unrealistic) relationships with people. someone breaking up with her isn't just ending a relationship, they are, according to her, victimizing her. this "film" is hilariously ironic, she's clearly trying to paint jake as the bad guy here but ends up outing her own immaturity and tendency to emotional abuse. even the fact that she's so transparent about who this song is about is just ridiculously petty and childish and demonstrates her prioritization of vengeance over artistry. all of this would be excusable if she were 21, like when this actually happened. but it's been 10 years and instead of revisiting this from a perspective that shows personal growth and maturity, she doubles down. the fact that anyone can watch this and unironically come away thinking jake was portrayed in a way consistent with him being emotionally abusive is unhinged. her accusations against him include, and i'm not even kidding, not holding her hand the entire time through dinner (lmao), not returning a scarf that she didn't even leave at his house in the first place, and suggesting the age gap might be too much. it is lost on her that this is actually a nice way of telling her she's immature. it's also funny because neither she nor her stans seem to realize that this doesn't fit with their invented narrative of jake being some sort of creepy groomer.

on the other hand, you have sadie sink doing a better job than this thing is worthy of portraying a version of swift deploying the silent treatment and throwing tantrums in a desperate ploy to manipulate her boyfriend into loving her. this is emotional abuse full stop. not holding someone's hand while you're eating is not.

it's also so self-important that i can't take it seriously at all, starting with a PABLO NERUDA quote at the beginning. lmao girl WHAT! she follows this with all sorts of outright statements about how sure she is jake is Definitely Not Over her, such as a creepy lyric about how he kept her scarf because it smells like her paired with a visual of him wearing the scarf while stalking her LMAO. yes, he's so obsessed with you that's why he made this 15 minute music video about the three-month relationship you had a decade ago. oh wait.... (i'm SURE the scarf still smells like her, tho! wherever it is, probably a goodwill somewhere lmao)

i am REALLY curious what swift considers a "valid" reason for someone to break up with her. it seems like there aren't any but newsflash! people don't need a reason to end a relationship. a relationship is a "two yesses, one no" situation in that both parties must consent to continuing it - one party withdrawing consent is a veto. trying to guilt people into being with you is abusive and toxic behavior! that is why i can find swift problematic in a completely feminist way! when i critique this behavior in men, i am critiquing the behavior not the sex of the perpetrator. i do not condone the behavior when it comes from a woman because that's inconsistent af, it's the behavior that is problematic.

now if you wanna discuss the merits of this dreck as ART: the acting, especially from sadie sink, is good. nothing else about this is art. slapping a neruda quote and a vintage aesthetic on it doesn't make it ~cinema~. the music video for king for a day by pierce the veil is closer to being a short film than this is. also sorry not sorry but swift is not and has never been a good songwriter. her lyrics are bland and pedestrian and her arrangements are boring. that's why a neruda reference of all things is so hysterical, like is she actually a genius trolling all of us? haha nah that's crazy she just legitimately thinks she elevates everyday experiences in a way that's comparable to neruda which is so absurd that i can't even muster any outrage over it lmao.

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