Midsommar ★★★½

| Creepy old polaroid in trippy motion pictures
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You know the feeling that something isn't quite right? This odd and unsettling thought that this isn't the right time and space? This is what Midsommar is about, getting lost. Loosing grip on reality.

Dusty visual filter, washed up colors, digital pop out, pretty lenses, unsettling soundtrack, this film has it all to really elevate the feeling of inner fear and unease as you watch these characters go down this rabbit hole. I was able to trip with them, reacting with a tight stomach to everything happening in this universe.... litteraly! The second half is where it really shine. Like a human scale domino effect, it keeps getting worst and worst as you watch it slowly unfold to the inescapable.

One could say it feels a bit too one dimensional. It might be true, matter of fact i think it's true. But it add so much to the whole experience. The cult seems real. Im 100% invested into this single dimension (that is then presented in a cool 3D audio-visual). This style can be amazing and we saw it in The Lighthouse!

GOOD but rough

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