The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★★

| The Grand Budapest Hotel

My favorite film of all time
(This is not a review)

I experienced this for the first time in 2014, I was working at a theater at that moment. I didn’t understand cinema at this age, I thought films were an inferior story telling method and sub par to novels or audio books. Prior to my first watch of Budapest, I had met a girl at a party, a pretty redhead who also happened to work at the theater and so after a couple of this a couple of that we decided to go on a date. What’s better than a free date where we work. Right? Well it was a terrible idea, as the gossip about our potential relationship became insufferable. What was an incredible idea tho was the choice we made that day, the 10PM screening of The Grand Budapest Hotel. 

What I saw completely blew me away and changed the perception I had about cinema and art in general. I came to the realisation that everything I knew prior were harsh preconceived ideas fed by years and years of B dramas and brain less action movies. The Grand Budapest Hotel made my brain sit down for a moment, it then proceeded to call every single one of my senses : my taste buds, my ears, my eyes and my nose. 

| Pastry and symmetry 

It was a cold and ruthless adventure, the wind on my face chilling the inside of my nose like you experience during a ski trip with friends and family, the pastel colored picture on my taste buds like a sweet pastry you have for dessert and the delicate sound of warm coffee pouring in a ceramic mug. I was out of touch with reality, like taking a nap in the servant quarter in the middle of my afternoon shift. It was empty, quiet, friendly, warm, lively and colorful. 

To this day I still dream of living in the Grand Budapest universe, it just feels like the right place for me. Family. Brotherhood. Trust. 


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