Lady Bird

Lady Bird ★★★★★

wow. I’ll never forget the first time i watched this movie. it was right near the end of my senior year, not too long before my prom and graduation. i remember things with my boyfriend at the time weren’t so good and watching this movie with my mom felt like perfect timing. it was magic. being 18 and starting a new phase of your life can feel absolutely terrifying. watching this beautiful story for the very first time was one of the only times i’ve cried really hard in the theater. fast forward to a year later. i remember watching this with my friends last year and it wasn’t my favorite movie anymore because i felt like lady bird would act like such a brat. watching the movie as a 19 year old, it didn’t resonate with me as strongly. coming back to it, i realize now that this will always have a soft spot in my heart. whenever im going through something or arguing with my mom, it’s still a perfect film for me, even 2 years later. lady bird could be a brat, but i resonate with that because her and i have so much in common. it blows my mind how emotional this movie makes me feel. when we’re 18-20, we always talking about wanting to leave home and get out of the city/town we were raised in all our life. but home is still within us whether we like it or not. it lives inside of us and it’s a part of who we are. we can’t run away from home, let alone ourselves and that’s a scary feeling.  i can’t wait to show this movie to more people and maybe even my daughter if i ever have one

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