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  • Vitalina Varela

    Vitalina Varela


    Let me see what I can say of Vitalina. I have seen it twice, and continue to struggle with it in the days since; I wrote some 4000 words on it after my first viewing, only to toss out a good portion after sitting with it longer, fearing that against my better intentions the writing still remained vague and imprecise. It is only fair to Costa to wait until whatever I have to say – as if my writing was…

  • Milla



    I was too low to write about much last year, let alone last fall, so I missed the opportunity to write about Milla when I first saw it, which is a real shame because Milla was the best film of last year by a pretty enormous margin. Ethically, Massadian is supreme. I find it incredibly telling that Sean Baker panned it, since that about explains how he was capable of producing a film as cruel as The Florida Project. With…

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  • Ruthless



    it feels more academic than the other ulmer i’ve seen, which is not in itself so bad but it’s less convincing in the way that detour and the black cat are and so often needs to show itself off where the other films show so little. hollywood freudianism undercuts so many films otherwise so interesting and lends nothing but Significance where it’s not needed, least of all in ulmer’s films.

    it’s a shame that sydney greenstreet isn’t listed in the credits since his performance is by far the best: subtle, stoic, tragic

  • Blow It to Bits

    Blow It to Bits


    fuck emmanuel macron

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  • Roma



    "Foucault wanted to write a history of madness itself, that is madness speaking on the basis of of its own experience and under its own authority, and not a history of madness described from within the language of reason, the language of psychiatry on madness [...]

    "It is a question, therefore, of escaping the trap or objectivist naiveté that would consist in writing a history of untamed madness, of madness as it carries itself and breathes before being caught and…

  • Silence



    If there's any one thing I truly hate about the West, it's how it always positions itself as the advocate of "free choice" in the face of a totalitarian Other. Countless times, this excuse has been used as a justification for overwhelmingly imperialist action, a sort of ideological bait-and-switch where "freedom" necessarily makes non-Western culture inferior and non-Westerners subordinate to the hegemony of the West.

    I might compare Silence to White Material, in the sense that both are essentially colonist…