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  • Chess of the Wind
  • Nowhere
  • Cure
  • Safe

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  • The Time That Remains

  • Peach Baby Oil

  • Kaiba

  • Kiss me on the Apple of my Eye

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  • Kaiba


    “my memory doesn’t have to stay… everything can disappear when i die, and return to how it was before i was born.”
    “but you’ll never be gone from my memory.”

    instantly captivating from the moment i laid my eyes upon it. i must admit my initial reactions and affection for this show were grounded in its aesthetic eclecticism—its color palette and bizarre geometry seemed completely reminiscent to me of the 2000s era of sci-fi gaming (whether it be dreamcast, playstation,…

  • Betty Tells Her Story

    Betty Tells Her Story

    "and i think that was part of the first time that anybody ever told me i looked beautiful. and that, that was, you know, something i really didn't know how to cope with. i was very embarrassed by it, i guess"

    short, simple, yet intimately affecting. not only a memory but a mourning of fleeting love for one's self, a glamour briefly felt yet ultimately, lost. betty's story brought to light something i feel i've always known: beauty introduces a…

Popular reviews

  • Jab We Met

    Jab We Met

    “you like me a lot, don’t you?”
    “a lot. but that’s my problem.”

    that’s love!

  • Butterfly



    would really, truly like to know what the fuck was going on in shuji terayama's head