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  • The Strangers

    The Strangers


    Not a popular opinion but this film just continually misses the mark for me.  Revisited it again for the first time in about 5-years.  It has brilliant moments and it’s nihilistic as fuck but for whatever reason the suspense doesn’t get me (I did see it in a theater upon initial release when I was working for Bloody-Disgusting and felt the same way) and there is zero Character development. So it’s Hard to care about Liv and Scott getting sliced and diced - especially when they HAVE A FUCKING SHOTGUN.  Masks are still creepy tho.

  • Puppet Master II

    Puppet Master II


    “You ever smell roasted entrails lady!”

    In 1990, Charlie Spradling appeared in this, Wild At Heart and Ski School!


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  • Girl


    +2 for soundtrack & score
    -4 for dialogue 

    10/10 would follow Bella Thorne into the woods for a white trash throwdown

  • Penguin Bloom

    Penguin Bloom

    After The Impossible you’d think Naomi Watts would have better sense than to go back to Thailand. This is a very so-so overcoming the odds tale. But at least we get Hunt For the Wilderpeople MVP; Rachel House singing Radiohead for 20 seconds.