Before Midnight

Before Midnight ★★★★★

“But at the end of the day, it’s not the love of one person that matters, it’s the love of life.”

A scornful look on love and a 24 minutes and 5 seconds fight (I counted) made me a very tramautized person on my first view of this. Now, (not very) older and surely not wiser, I see this with affection - even though it pains me a little bit to see how their Midnight unravels.

On the last (so far) of Jesse and Celine’s befores, we see little of those long walks and dialogues of them at first. It is centered not only on the couple, but on the world and the conversations that are happening around them; and on the most variable and modern of subjects, surprisingly: from technology to feminism and how all that has its weight on love nowadays. Relationships are, at one point, satirically, as a system. The image of love we receive borders in that; a mechanical, tiresome, boringly life and companion you’ve accustomed yourself with and is either too tired or too alien to care to leave. But the thing Linklater so thinly managed to portray is that, eventually, love is in the little things. And everywhere. We receive less long wonders about love because Jesse and Celine got them. So, there’s no need to wonder anymore. But there’s still love. And a lot to wonder about everywhere around them. And they still love. And don’t leave. Even if they have a big fight and say mean things and are tired of knowing one another and themselves ever so eventually.

I think it all goes becoming very subtle. But it’s still there. It never leaves. At the end, they may or may not be together. But if you ask me, I am totally certain they won’t split whatsoever. There’s a scene where both of them are watching the sun go down. Celine is looking at the sky, narrating the sun moving behind the hill, and suddenly, it disappears and she says, “Gone.” After that, she looks like she’s about to cry and Jesse is sad. The sunrise’s gone, so as the sunset. Now, only the night remains. And it is dark, and they don’t feel hopeful at all. But they’ll leave through it. After all, there are some very wild southern Peloponnese hours waiting for them.

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