Lady Bird ★★★★★

Painfully, but beautifully relatable.

Miss Greta Gerwig has the most precious heart, mind and soul, that is now a fact. I swear, I have not ever seen something so pure and so gold. She’s gold and she did something just as shiny. This is a movie for seventeens to see and relate and to see it again at their twenties, thirties, forties and remember with cozy nostalgia how great this movie and youth was. And it’s something for the twenties, thirties and forties to see and swim in the own remembrances as well. She presents the dissonances between being a teen and being an adult englobing all that happens through those troubling years without letting one happening overcome the others; she doesn’t highlight a single thing and every part - scary, fun, exciting, enraging, sad, blissful - gets a place in the spotlight. It’s simple and lightly and you feel it kindly and deeply, and she gets to you so much that you find yourself crying in one moment and loudly laughing at the immediate next. It’s pure, it’s calming, it’s relaxing and it’s thrilling; and I’m still out of enough words to say just how beautiful it was and how much it means to me in this point of my life.

I find myself exactly where Lady Bird is. I, too, am seventeen. I, too, have a catholic, stern mother with whom I pick a fight at least three times a day and a lovely dad with whom I have - not pick - a fight three times a year, tops. I too am done with school and with no clue on what comes next. This has been haunting me for the past month. And what Greta gave me was not more fear of what is about to come, but a heartwarming look on where I am and on my not-at-all-scary future. I am usually scared of even thinking about it, but I loved to see my ‘what could be’. It is utterly amazing to think that a few years from now I’m going to come back to this film, sit on the same couch, in the same small town I live in - and that I don’t know for sure if I hate it that much now - and think ”Wow, that’s pretty much how it happened to me” or ”Nope, my life DID NOT turn out like this” and maybe cry. Yeah, I’ll certainly cry. One day, this movie and the cozy feeling it provided me will be memories - wonderful ones. But right now, I’m crying my eyes out and bursting with relieving laughter at the same time because Greta gifted me with a peek into the future and I’m not scared. I’m just here. And it’s so good to just be here right now and not be worrying about not doing enough for tomorrow.

I wonder if my mom loves me. Just kidding, I know she does. There’s so much we don’t know about each other because we don’t really talk… But in spite all that, when this movie ended and I was soundly crying, I ran up to her and hugged her. And I’ve been crying for pretty much three hours now. And I will make her watch this. And maybe we’ll bond more. Or maybe not. But all the same, I know she cares for me deeply. And I hope she knows it as well, even if tomorrow we’ll probably be fighting by lunchtime. I hope she knows I love her even if I decide to fly on my own.

I want so much to personally thank Greta. I want her to know how grateful I am. This changed my life. During the past year, I’ve encountered some pretty good masterpieces that made me grow beyond my furthest imaginations, and to find myself right where I am seemed impossible a year ago. I have never been so connected to art and to myself and therefore, this has been a pretty wonderful year. And Lady Bird built me up a little bit higher and changed my life. She changed my life. Greta Gerwig for President!

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