Hunt for the Wilderpeople

Hunt for the Wilderpeople ★★★★½

Taika Waititi's Hunt For The Wilderpeople is a wonderfully joyous film to experience. A beautiful representation of the bush hills of New Zealand, it also manages to be a touching story of two lost souls (played to perfection by Sam Neil and Julian Dennison), who end up on the run from the law. 

The film is far from a harrowing tale of survival or being a fugitive, though; it is hilarious, quirky, and rarely has a dull or pointless moment. Much of it, like the books and movies that are often quoted, feels like an adventure stemmed right from the mind of an overactive imagination. This aspect does sometimes work against it, however, especially towards the last chapter when there is even a Mad Max-influenced car chase, yet the remainder of the film is so well put together than I can easily overlook how unrealistic it gets. Overall, a wonderfully entertaining film that is amongst my favorites of the year.

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