Yi Yi ★★★★½

Decided to watch this on sick day instead of the hackneyed sick-day malarkey on the tely. A beautiful and humble film about the vicissitudes of life as they become the Jian family. A visual masterpiece. The writing is subtle, yet deeply and relentlessly profound. The characters are interesting, too, but I found the most interesting of them by far to be Yang Yang, the cheeky little chap with a budding passion for photography - what a lovely idea, helping us see what we cannot, i.e. the backs of our heads. The only real qualm I had with this triumphant film was its staggering runtime...I know, I know, the size of the canvas must fit the size of the picture, but, since this film is all too human, it should understand that I, too, am only human, and could not withstand three hours of the most base hedonistic pleasures - let alone, a thoughtful and delicate study of life, character, and their neat little crossroads, at which we so often find ourselves bewitched, without ever really knowing why.