Speak No Evil

Speak No Evil ★½


The only properly bad film I saw during the festival. A reverse home invasion thriller steeped in the tensions of Dutch-Danish relations, Speak No Evil is the sort of thriller that completely falls apart after revealing its twist.

It's one of those movies where polite people hang out with some people who are initially nice and then become more erratic and demanding, imposing more and more of themselves on their timid counterparts. In the hands of someone like (bad person) Sion Sono, these sorts of films can really dig into class differences, the expectations put upon both hosts and guests, how politeness can be manipulated by abusers, and the violence inherent in the traditional family unit itself.

Sadly, Cristian Tafdrup's film is really only interested drawn out scenes of awkward comedy, under-cooked suspense, and a climax that involves our heroes repeatedly making the dumbest possible choices, ending with a final scene of violence that is everything I hate about European shock-horror garbage.

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