Promising Young Woman

Promising Young Woman

WHY did i just sit through this movie & why does it have so many Oscar noms.....

i guess to start with the easy stuff — tonally, this movie gave me whiplash. it felt so unfocused & like it was trying to piece together two extremely disparate parts. Cassandra as a character is barely even a character & i couldn't understand why she would go from vengeful to forgiving in the span of a few scenes except that oh, she's dating a kinda nice guy now! what?? make it make sense pls! also you're gonna cast Laverne Cox in your movie to say like 5 lines???? what

it's also so disappointing that I love Casey Mulligan & Alison Brie so much and they both really act their asses off in this for it to still fall so flat for me. also can't decide if I think Bo Burnham is a good actor or if his character was just poorly written? the "stars are blind" scene was fucking inspired though!!!

to get into the less fun stuff — i have no fucking idea what this movie is trying to say. there are plenty of complicated & hard conversations to be had about the main topic this movie is trying to address but it seems wholly uninterested in having any of them. instead, it plays out this convoluted fantasy that i maybe would've eaten up when i was 15 but holy shit! i'm not 15 anymore! thank god!

so many parts of this also felt so unrealistic to me that if i didn't know it was written/directed by Emerald Fennell i would probably be sitting here wondering if a man wrote/directed this because none of it felt real. the ONE night club scene in Birds of Prey (you know the one) was more impactful & effective to me than this entire movie. The Assistant (2019), also more impactful. Broadchurch Season 3. the list goes on! i'm sure i'll have MANY more thoughts about this but i truly cannot wrap my head around the fact that people seem to like it so much??? i guess it's because it girlbosses its way through any potential for nuance, eugh

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