Divine Love

Divine Love ★★½

In the future of 2027, Christianity has authorized the social system in Brazil. Along with sophisticated technological advancement, the religion also rules over institutional control intervening in personal problems.

Through stretched duration and aesthetic swirl of neon colors, Divine Love takes its own time to develop the theme and settings delicately. The central story revolves around a barren woman who is possessing a faith crisis because of an inexplicable miracle. It carries plenty of equivocal confrontation for the irony inside hyper-conservative value. For a particular case in the movie, it allows erotic and sensual practice between married couples like partner swapping.

Regardless of the floridly futuristic theme and eccentric takeaways, the plot just accelerates under the low fervor per sec and so clueless to utilize the character's internal struggles that suppose to escalate the conflict to the critical point.

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