Solaris ★★★

Before the word alien has been generalized in a connotation similar to monster, Tarkovsky already had an alluring interpretation of this creature.

In Solaris space station, the alien is actually a requiem to repressed memories of each person, it comes alive and perfectly resembles someone from the past. This creature has formed as consequential matrixes of the radiation experiment that projected through the planet's ocean.

As the common mythical allegory of alien, it's never real enough to the people on Earth, but it's always vividly living inside our heads.

Albeit as a sci-fi film Solaris imbues an authentic pulse beating under the grandeur metaphorical theme, as a three hours long film with dry dialogues and a disoriented plotline, this movie is so languid in the narrative staging. It was a tough watch, yet a worthy feat.

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