Soul ★★★★

Pixar indeed has maintained its credibility in crafting meaningful stories from mighty philosophical themes. In the matter of Soul, the dispute revolves around existential crisis.

To resolve the huge question about the purpose of life, it takes us to multiple dimensions of the metaphysical world, from the Great Beyond afterlife, TED Talks-inspired pre-life, to the clunky slapstick trope like body swapping. All attempts are orchestrated in the quick-wit fashion, although some may not hit every note perfectly, with the familiar heart-warmed sentimentality we often find in many Pixar's movies.

To my surprise, Soul provides a subversive answer revoking societal obsession about finding purpose in life that has been mistakenly perceived as passion. No wonder, the whole film seems to weigh more on sensorial experience, reflected on the meticulous portrait of the urbanist city life in New York and jazz as the soul of the music theme, because it's inherently made to promote the counter-cultural movement like mindful living.

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