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  • Gundala



    Film pertama proyek ambisius Jagat Sinema Bumilangit yang sekadar berambisi membangun fondasi semesta kepahlawanannya, tanpa pernah bersungguh-sungguh merayakan kelahirannya.

  • Twivortiare



    Sulit menahan anggapan bahwa Twivortiare dirancang untuk memuaskan fantasi perempuan yang mendambakan kisah cinta penuh intrik yang pada akhirnya dimenangkan oleh perempuan itu sendiri.

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  • Happy as Lazzaro

    Happy as Lazzaro


    Without any clue, the film's magical realism strikes you by surprise. The neorealism of rural area backdrop is compiled with the injustice of social class allegory, the peculiar bonding between two estranged people, and a saint whose soul outlasts the time. Lazzaro with his naivety is a fragment of old age's goodness that challenges the modern day's hideousness.

  • Our Souls at Night

    Our Souls at Night


    Incorporated by a masterful performance from two veterans, Our Souls at Night delicately glides on its own time and space without any fuss. The emotional experience grows steadily as the love between them strengthens.

    The light-touch delivery manages to clear this film from excessive romanticism. Indeed it confines and enriches the subtext simultaneously with an understated portrait of elderly liaison.

  • Two Blue Stripes

    Two Blue Stripes


    Dua Garis Biru menanggung beban konflik yang begitu berat. Untuk memastikan penonton memahami dua ruang perspektif yang berbeda dari dua keluarga, Gina S Noer membangun jalan cerita secara bertahap dengan penuh pertimbangan. Keteguhan ini dipertahankan sampai akhir, ketika film ini memilih jalan tengah yang tak memihak siapapun.

    Namun, mustahil menjelajahi setiap lingkup perspektif secara komprehensif dalam waktu yang terbatas. Pada akhirnya, Dua Garis Biru kesulitan mengimbanginya dengan muatan simpati yang sama besar. Setiap upaya "pendinginan" juga tak mampu meredam eskalasi konflik yang bertambah intens.

  • Toy Story 4

    Toy Story 4


    Toy Story 4 is on an obligation to tell an apprehensible answer about the necessity of unclosing the last film's near-perfect ending. The answer is quite accommodating by lingering on another pleasant and exhilarating adventure like the prior installments, but on the emotional level, it doesn't register so well as the way it should be. The bleakest message about self-discovery is being repressed by a misplaced focus.

  • Parasite



    It's hard to find a film that fully captures all the greatest element from all the auteur's previous works. With Parasite, Bong Joon-ho has finally solidified his craft to be his own genre. His constant direction for unabashedly cementing socio-economic critic throughout his filmography is being joyously celebrated in this movie. There's no big plot twist or massive revelation, but the bizarre, eccentric social parable brought alive by a solid ensemble of cast and handled in impeccable execution would locate a big chunk of satisfaction on your heart.

  • Photograph



    Might not as magical as The Lunch Box (2014), but it still gravitates towards the grim and beauty of the frantic, densely-populated city of Mumbai. The charming quality relies on how the movie approaches a saturated fairy tale-ish story with a sense of realism, quietude, and gentle melancholy.
    With this mixture of style, the ending must have been quite hard to resolve. Eventually, it delivers a-one-size-perfectly-fit ending for the uncompromised love story that makes the tenderness stays with you a bit longer.

  • Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse

    Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse


    The visual sparks unique ingenuity that brings 2 dimensional comic book and 3 dimensional effect come alive altogether. Jam-packed with sharp sense of humor and fun-fluid action sequences leading into a delightful roller-coaster experience. A huge invention of animated flick.

  • Ave Maryam

    Ave Maryam


    One huge problem with Ave Maryam is the film urges to intrigue emotional catharsis, but all the sweet locked, well-composed imageries left me behind to feel nothing. Maybe, I'm just dead inside.

  • Black Panther

    Black Panther


    Black Panther is just too political to be a superhero movie. It speaks more a lot about identity, leadership, and responsibility than about saving people's lives through aggressive and flashy action sequences. Killmonger is the super villain that we've waited for so long in MCU for his agility of challenging the hero's integrity instead of his physical power.

  • Too Handsome To Handle

    Too Handsome To Handle


    Sebuah upaya menyajikan film dalam lembaran komik, penuh gimik dan bertabur pernik. Semua itu hadir lewat aransemen visual yang memanjakan mata. Biarpun lihai mengendalikan konfigurasi warna, Terlalu Tampan tak cukup bernyali dalam mengeksplorasi premis provokatif yang menaunginya, malah kembali bermain-main dalam zona nyaman percintaan remaja.