• Dune



    Dune favors the same hero complex issue like the common interstellar sci-fi films where the faith of its narrative heavily relies on The Messiah or The Chosen One prophecy.

    But the story evolves in a different direction unlike the other empire sci-fi saga. It travels in its own galactic that perks up with thick flavors of medieval politics and supernatural power that have distinctive ethics and moral values.

    Yet it starkly addresses the modern environmental crisis and energy affair from…

  • Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass


    Instead of busy incorporating conventional horror elements, like jump scare, ominous score, or gruesome creature imagery, Mike Flanagan's horror genre more focus on deriving suspense and dread from the painstakingly written narrative.

    The premise of Midnight Mass has many lures that could make you gone astray, entrapped in a consuming tale of religious fanaticism. It's an allegory about hope that takes place in an isolated and dying island inside a community that has been grappling with an economic (and moral)…

  • CODA



    Apart from the story of being a coda (a child of a deaf person), all the things in this film feel strongly familiar to us.

    The protagonist falls short in the archetype of a bullied teenager who apparently is super talented. From the get-go, we basically know that soon she will be derailed to pursue a dream she believes would be worth fulfilling.

    But as a traditional crowd-pleaser, even as predictable as it is, CODA has been delivered effectively as…

  • Rose Plays Julie

    Rose Plays Julie


    The atmosphere of Rose Plays Julie is freezing plain like ice stone. The story is rendered in a precise style. Every second the shot gets up close and every time the camera moves forward, the movements are so calculated and well-paced. This makes the lingering silence seems irresistibly unnerving.

    Everything in the story is explained with an assurance that leaves some part to remain mysterious. Where the story will evolve is still hard to read. The mystery is also unfolded…

  • Identifying Features

    Identifying Features


    A red flame flares up in the center, and it is starkly protuded from the other objects to illustrate a bloody tragedy occuring in surroundings. Another scene, where the old man who survived from the tragedy recalls his memory back, is composed in blurry, mystifying, and enigmatic silhouettes but the event is chronologically elaborated. These manifestations suggest that in the memory of violence the sense of time and space might fade, but the brutal crime and hostile experience could linger.…

  • The Father

    The Father


    Whether the mental trick incorporated in this film is the actual mechanism of memory failings in dementia mind or not, it has broadened the understanding about people who are suffering from the disease.

    The Father plays cleverly with the perspective of the narrator and audience in a dynamic play staging direction, as the original material comes from a play with the same title. This method creates multiple advantages for its narrative purpose, creating an optical illusion for the viewers also…

  • Pieces of a Woman

    Pieces of a Woman


    Pieces of Woman is a study of loss with numerous missing pieces that impair the whole examination written in an incomplete report.

    It's not like there are lack of understandings about mourning a death in here. The movie takes honor to human grief as something incomprehensibly painful to the extent that's nothing can sort of alleviate the heartache.

    The suffering is also poignantly delivered by Vanessa Kirby's twofold performance, first in intensely physical acts during the 30-minutes uncut labor scene,…

  • Quo Vadis, Aida?

    Quo Vadis, Aida?


    Palpably raw and riveting drama that commemorates historical trauma of the Srebenica massacre in 1995.

    Unlike any war movie that mostly entices our attention with charming heroism story, Quo Vadis, Aida? challenges our empathy with unsparing honesty that exposes atrocity of Bosnian Serb army, failing and indifference of the world's prominent peacemaker (U.N.) in regard to ethnic cleansing attempt in the post-World War II era.

    The tragedy is anchored candidly through a fictional experience of a ferocious translator, Aida, who…

  • Promising Young Woman

    Promising Young Woman


    When a revenge thriller is preoccupied with feminist spirit, predictably it creates a serenade of furious desperation and blazing outrage.

    The black comedy takes are compelling at some scale, but these traits can be too edgy to carry such an important issue like rape culture. Consequently, the satirical gimmicks, including the vengeful and nihilist Cassandra as the main character, often undermine the moral weight of the issue that could be easily overlooked as an imperative feminist lecture.

    In the realm of revenge fantasy, the ending is exceptional for serving well the character's darkest desire, but not enough to redifine vengeance as an honorable act.

  • Solaris



    Before the word alien has been generalized in a connotation similar to monster, Tarkovsky already had an alluring interpretation of this creature.

    In Solaris space station, the alien is actually a requiem to repressed memories of each person, it comes alive and perfectly resembles someone from the past. This creature has formed as consequential matrixes of the radiation experiment that projected through the planet's ocean.

    As the common mythical allegory of alien, it's never real enough to the people on…

  • Divine Love

    Divine Love


    In the future of 2027, Christianity has authorized the social system in Brazil. Along with sophisticated technological advancement, the religion also rules over institutional control intervening in personal problems.

    Through stretched duration and aesthetic swirl of neon colors, Divine Love takes its own time to develop the theme and settings delicately. The central story revolves around a barren woman who is possessing a faith crisis because of an inexplicable miracle. It carries plenty of equivocal confrontation for the irony inside…

  • Moxie



    It's an upgraded crowd pleaser teen drama, because now the drill is to fortify third wave feminism agaisnt prevalent sexism in high school, not anymore to hijack the popular clique in the extent of configuring your truest self.

    As this movie inspiringly peremeates awareness, the lack of nuances and oversimplifying inequality issues make all actions fall short to performative feminism.

    As it puts hard toil to embrace inclusivity, the screenplay is overwhelmed by plenty of intersectional representation problem, but only…