Toolbox Murders ★★★★★

sickly yellow occult sludge which like the best slashers is about the sudden irruption of a sliver of cosmic malignity into the mundane that was only ever hidden just below the surface & like architecture over time is a node for the slow accumulation of the weight & density of capitalist atrocity that is normally borne out in a slow eke & a gradual yellowing again of spirit & disintegration of facades into smoking in the subterranean key office because that accumulated weight eventually collapses in on itself and the resulting black hole consumes everything in the vicinity & like The Shape the phantom disappears again because he is an everywhere atmosphere that is given brief form in the oneiric nexus of collapse that suddenly clarifies the yellow fog that was the capitalist eke of soul and now we can see The Shape again in outline even after his body disappears haunting like a mirage or fractured dream half remembered.

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