• Image of a Bound Girl

    Image of a Bound Girl


    Sometimes you wanna go
    Where everybody knows your name
    And they're always glad you came

    The naughty version of Cheers.

  • Champions



    A pale comparison to the Spanish original. I was hoping this remake would improve on a couple of things that I felt the original could have done better, but that was not to be. A weaker version in every department. Weaker performances overall and worse execution and delivery of the comedy.
    Do yourself a favor and check the 2018 Campeones instead. It has more heart, even if it doesn't come off so well all the time, and it definitely has more laughs.

  • Scream



    This was mostly tiresome. They try to introduce new characters to replace the legacy ones going forward in the next entry, but it's already a lost best with half of the casting choices being rather lackluster. I was thinking of checking the newest movie, but after this weak effort, I'll skip it.

  • Wife's Sexual Fantasy: Before Husband's Eyes

    Wife's Sexual Fantasy: Before Husband's Eyes


    Masaru Konuma does it again. He manages to turn the utmost sleaze into something rather enjoyable. And now I need to hunt down more movies featuring Yuki Kazamatsuri besides the first Kill Bill.

  • Far North

    Far North


    It's strange so few people have watched this film on LD. Deserves a place on any list regarding movies taking place in frozen landscapes. It's a strong point of the film the sense of cold and isolation from it.
    I also enjoyed the group dynamic between the three characters. The film is absolutely brutal if there was any doubt from the opening sequence. Towards the end, it gets a little bonkers but it still felt within the boundaries of Michelle Yeoh's character and her history, although I can understand how it might put some people off.
    Well worth discovering.

  • Hot Springs Geisha

    Hot Springs Geisha


    Masumi Tachibana is the only salvageable element of this movie that has no plot to speak of, hardly a story worth mentioning, and the same regarding characters, with the exception of the one played by the aforementioned lovely Masumi.
    I liked the music.

  • Six Characters

    Six Characters


    A Thai movie adaptation of a hundred years old Italian play.

    Six Characters in Search of an Author, the original play that opened in the 1920s must have been something of a sensation. I'm pretty sure there weren't a lot of meta works of fiction back then. Today, audiences have seen it done almost to death, but in 1921 this must have been cutting-edge material.

    In any case, the strength of the source shines through. When it's well written it's…

  • Forgotten



    Frankly, I'm shocked to find out such a badly written and executed movie receiving such high marks here.
    The setup or basic premise does have the potential for an engaging tale, but this needed a lot more work to develop into anything decent. After the halfway point it becomes clear that is not the case, and I was left mostly laughing at how weak this plays out as events and revelations transpire. To be fair, the script is not the only culprit. The way a certain character is depicted also causes harm.
    I'm in a clear minority here, but I don't recommend this movie.

  • John Wick: Chapter 4

    John Wick: Chapter 4


    My rating for this film is predicated on the fact the ending is for real. Unfortunately, there's a fifth movie in development already, so I might retroactively change things in the future.

    One thing I have to praise Chad Stahelski for is that irrelevant how I feel for each individual film of the series, regarding character and story efficiency and resonance, every single one is a truly cinematic experience, that should ideally be enjoyed in a theater. Each film is…

  • John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

    John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum


    It's curious to see that I'm inverting my original rating for these sequels on rewatch.

    My single biggest issue is no doubt that there is zero progression to the story and character. John Wick ends the movie in the same place and status quo he begins at...well, minus a finger or two. It's an exercise on futility storywise. And this is the sequel where we reach the point of too much of a good thing regarding the Hotel Continental.

  • John Wick: Chapter 2

    John Wick: Chapter 2


    John Wick: Chapter 2 does everything a sequel is supposed to do. It expands the world and goes bigger. More locales. More action. More. More is the keyword. Well, sometimes more can be less.

    It looks like I'm contradicting myself since I'm upping my original rating a little, but I stand by my original comments about the film. The action scenes despite being wonderfully choreographed and shot, tend to run a little too long. Just a smidge. It just happened,…

  • John Wick

    John Wick


    The temptation to say the John Wick movies are all about the action is an easy one. You could probably make that argument regarding the following movies, although there are other aspects to consider, but this first one is a class act on character building (and a fictional world surrounding him). The story is simplistic almost to a fault, but again, also very effective in building the character. The visuals and action sequences, the way it is shot is just the icing on the cake.