Spider-Man: Far from Home

Spider-Man: Far from Home ★★★★★


And that wraps up a month long rewatch of Spider-Man content before No Way Home hits theaters, and oh boy yeah I’m excited.

Here’s what I watched:

-90s Spider-Man The Animated Series (watched this over the course of a few weeks)
-Spider-Man 2
-Spider-Man 3
-The Amazing Spider-Man 
-The Amazing Spider-Man 2
-Spectacular Spider-Man (started it in between these movies but planning on finishing it tonight)
-Spider-Man PS5 Remaster (started a new game + and got about 30% through the story)
-Iron Man (mostly so I could watch the IMAX version but considering how much the MCU ties these two together I think it fits)
-Captain America: Civil War
-Spider-Man: Homecoming
-Doctor Strange (no Spidey connection in this specifically but again, IMAX, and well he’s in No Way Home)
-Avengers: Infinity War
-Avengers: Endgame
-Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
-Spider-Man: Far from Home

My brain is made of 80% Spider-Man at this point. As for Far from Home itself, there was actually something that struck me way more on this rewatch specifically. At the end when Mysterio tells Christmas Story dude to cancel the holograms, Christmas Story is like “I dont know how you’re gonna spin this one”. On previous rewatches I always acknowledged this as the moment when Mysterio decides he’s going to frame Peter Parker, but then dies in the process. 
For some reason, on this rewatch it felt more like the moment when he decides to fake his death as well. Idk I just don’t trust that he’s actually dead. Maybe I’m dumb and over speculating, I don’t know when they would pick up that story thread but we’ve got another trilogy incoming so I guess we’ll see.

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