Suspiria ★★★½

A fascinating take on Italian horror, very artistic and meticulous. It looks and moves and breathes like a sinewy witch, most of which thanks to Tilda doing overtime as not one or two but three main characters. It leans into the psychological type of horror mostly, but gets you good when it suddenly flips to more physical moments. It’s a bit languid sometimes, though it never fully devolves into pointlessness. Luca Guadanigno has a real talent for tonality and dread. The movement is well documented; I love the way dance is integrated into the workings of the plot. Thom Yorke’s score is appropriately dissonant, though he falls short of the kind of magic fellow band mate Jonny Greenwood typically achieves. Dakota Johnson handles the dancing well, but is otherwise pretty expressionless throughout. The ending is fab and really captures the essence of Italian horror cinema. A good watch but probably not something I’ll revisit very often.

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