Lady Bird ★★★★★

what a gorgeous movie. i'm completely obsessed, i could watch this a million times over and never be bored of it. lady bird exceeded all of my expectations in the sense that i really wasn't expecting it to be so heart warming and yet completely emotional at times.

there are so many different friendships and relationships that make you feel so many different emotions. examples of the different relationships and friendships being; lady bird and danny, lady bird and julie, lady bird and kyle, jenna and lady bird, lb and her dad and of course lady bird and her mother!

greta gerwig truly done an amazing job with this one! i don't even know what to write i just loved it so damn much. its perfectly well done and i couldn't imagine it any other way. HOWEVER, i am left with so many questions.

let me just say this, timothée's acting really is outstanding he would've had me completely fooled into thinking he was a fuck boy irl too! although his character is a complete asshole, i can't help but love the pretentious hipster that is fuck boy kyle scheible.