Alita: Battle Angel ★★★½

I know it was not intentional, but it does make some sense that Cameron farm this out as an experiment on the possibilities and limits of filmmaking at digital age. Indeed, Rodriguez was probably a good pick for this he is as fascinated as Cameron about digital and mythmaking and his weakest tendencies over benefit from overseeing. Alita lives on artifice and how the earnest performance (particular Salazar eyes0 negotiate with it. As narrative this is all over the place unless one has a large investiment in standard Manga bits than I do and far too much of the emotional pull is tied to generic inexpressive white hunk who is well inexpresive.Like a lot of best Cameron work, it does find a sweet spot in the connection between Hollywood machinery and true emotion and Alita quest for her self does seem to include a strong awareness and even some self-critique about Rodriguez and Cameron usual hackier tendencies.