Dolemite Is My Name ★★★

This is all about Murphy, but not exactly as a star vehicle - altough it is fine as such - as much as an opportunity for Murphy to play his respects to Moore. As such this suggests less the screenwriters earlier Ed Wood (among other things this is really not interested in milk poignancy of Dolemite technical incompetence despite certainly getting many of its best laughs), but Mario Van Peebles underrateed Baadasssss which for its filmmaking energy was at the end about Van Peebles incorporating his dad and all the power dynamics that came with that. Dolemite is My Name is about Murphy not simple tipping his hat to Moore but a whole black comedy tradition and as an exercise in watching superstar comedian Murphy incorporating his roots this often very strong. It is a shame Murphy has to settle not with someone pointed like Van Peebles (father or son), but Craig Brewer who can't really see things much beyond the huckster self-made man mythos involved so that often limit things some. So it is never better than it is inspired parts, but things are helped by a very good supporting cast and it is always a pleasure to see Wesley Snipes commited to a part as he is here.
PS: A few years ago I wrote a piece for a catalogue on Car Wash and Disco Godfather that was pretty much me praising Car Wash non-stop while occasional stoping to find variations on "crude" and "of sociological interest" about Disco Godfather, so I must say that entire scene with Moore in the limo reading the reviews was probably even funnier to me than it should be.

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