From Beijing with Love

From Beijing with Love ★★★★

This was the first Stephen Chow film I saw (and the first one he co-directed). It was very funny back then and is maybe even more so now. It is a Bond spoof and it combines the "Bond films are all stupid male power fantasies" with Chow's often asshole needs to learn a lesson or two persona well. Also he and Anita Yuen makes for a very funny duo with her reactions to all the crazy stuff he pulls consistent great. There's a shocking amount of gore for a light comedy, but the weird mix is part of the fun. The scene Yuen has to extract a bullet from his leg is particular good at that. As often with Chow if a joke fails to land, 3 more are coming in the following minute anyway. At this point Chow has the Tashlin and Lewis spirit to perfection, even if his direction (here along with his regular 90s partner Lee Lik-Chi) can be a little rougher than his later more polished work.

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