Halloween: Resurrection

Halloween: Resurrection ★½

The best thing one can say about this is that it isn't that much worse than H20. It is so corrupt there's multiple scenes scolding its audience for their blood lust, but actually make its hacky TV producer heroic. As a Halloween entry it is disgraceful from that opening to a dumb barely scary Michael who is clearly written by someone who couldn't tell a mediocre Halloween entry for a Friday the 13th one. It has no idea what to do with its gimmick or how to kill time (it is a very long 90 minutes and that with a 15+ minute prologue). Picks up slight on the climax. I wonder if anyone connect to this even wasted a second pondering about how the two guys rescuing the main character stay the whole movie lieing and manipulating her. Everyone mocks this on Busta Rhymes presence, but he gets the few half decent lines and the scene he kicks Michael is the one time this movie has some fun. A very sad ending to Akkad's run with the franchise by that point complete absorved by Dimension bland machinery with no gains.

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