Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil ★★★★

One of Eastwood more interesting formal investigatoions probably because it is so open, just a movie about performance and place. The narrative is all about scial roles and the courtroom theatrics depending on notions of truth and the film's form follow suit. He most let's the Lady Chablis run away with her scenes and a lot of the film's charm depends on the interplay between her and Cusack's very flat performance. Indeed, in this movie about performance how one feels about it probably relates some to how one feels about Cusack performance, he is the literal straight man and very self-conscious piece of Hollywood fiction in a movie that plays up its claims of auhenticity as much as it does its town eccentric southern flavor. The movie as whole constant plays this line between fiction and self and having that bland and distant figure bouncing of everything do help highlights what it does best (that said I conced to any of the movie detractors that his scenes with Allison Eastwood are a real slog) startibng with Spacey fascinating non-performsnce (arguably his only memorable one). The cast as whole is very good especially Ferrara regular Paul Hipp who is sadly underused and Jack Thompson whpo does wonders carring the weight of the movies plot that non one cares about. It has such a relaxed loose feeling, almost the exact opposite of the John Grisham movie that it was inevitable compared to back then.

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