Nope ★★★★

Movie making and movie watching. The sky as this big empty canvas that at same time comes with so much baggage. Hollywood history is one of forms, but also of practice and either brings a lot of clouds along with them. Peele make a lot of his increasing confidence as showmanship as a way to get his ideas across there's really only a couple of big budget Hollywood movies come anywhere close. There's parts of it that don't work, the Yeun material is uneven, for a movie this good at playing around ideas it still seems to hard to operate as a think piece generator instead of just let it express itself (I guess that's the downside of Peele being a social media era superstar auteur). Some great work from Kaluuya and Wincott. Second hour is consistent impressive even more s when the grandeur is verging on incoherence. Peele makes the best of the image of Kaluuya n that horse riding over that landscape. Even when things collapses, the images stick the landing.

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