The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 ★★★★

70s horror gives away to 80s. Synthetic, post-human, obsessed with retribution. A key sick film, Hopper's poison pen letter to Hollywood after his Waterloo going back to his moment of glory and turning the upward mobility that was a key aspect of most 70s horror into the film actual subject. TCM was an ugly film that came up fully formed, pure vile id, this one is for better and for worse the one Hopper conquer the right to make. It is about all that is lost in the process. The final credit reads "A Cannon film" and Hopper can only chainsaw laugh at them. What stays is that sick sad joke of Leatherface coitus interrumptus his chainsaw falling in the face of actual human attraction in a series that is defined by its repulsiveness.

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