All the Colors of the Dark

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Something is out there... coming CLOSER... CLOSER... CLOSER. Don't be afraid to be afraid—

Jane lives in London with her boyfriend Richard. Her mother was murdered when she was young, she recently lost a baby in a car crash and she's plagued by nightmares of a knife-wielding man. Richard thinks that the cure is vitamins, while Jane's sister recommends psychiatric help. But a new neighbour promises that if she participates in a Black Mass, all her fears will disappear, instead it just seems to bring her nightmares to life.




Alternative Titles

Day of the Maniac, Demons of the Dead, They're Coming to Get You, Todos los colores de la oscuridad, Die Farben der Nacht, Toutes les couleurs du vice, L'alliance invisible, Strange Vice of Mrs. Ward No.2, All the Colours of the Dark