Devil in a Blue Dress Devil in a Blue Dress

Private detective Easy Rawlins has been caught on the wrong side of the most dangerous secret in town.

In late 1940s Los Angeles, Easy Rawlins is an unemployed black World War II veteran with few job prospects. At a bar, Easy meets DeWitt Albright, a mysterious white man looking for someone to investigate the disappearance of a missing white woman named Daphne Monet, who he suspects is hiding out in one of the city's black jazz clubs. Strapped for money and facing house payments, Easy takes the job, but soon finds himself in over his head.





Alternative Titles

El demonio vestido de azul, El diablo vestido de azul, O diabo veste azul, Djävul i en blå klänning, Le diable en robe bleue, Um Demónio Vestido de Azul, Диявол у блакитнiй сукнi, Дявол в синя рокля, Teufel in Blau, Djævel i blåt, Sinipukuinen paholainen, O Diavolos se ble forema, Kék ördög, Il diavolo in blu, Velnias su nekaltumo skraiste, Djevelen i blått, W bagnie Los Angeles, Đavo u plavoj odori, Дьявол в голубом платье

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