Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury

The Viking town of Berk, now enjoying its new alliance with the dragons, is preparing for its annual winter holiday of Snoggletog. However, that spirit is threatened when all the dragons, except Toothless who needs Hiccup to help him, suddenly fly away for some reason. While Astrid ineffectually tries to salvage the occasion, Hiccup decides to build Toothless a new prosthetic to allow him to fly independently, only to have the dragon take off as well. However, as the holiday approaches, Hiccup finds himself swept up to learn the dragons' secret the hard way and to find a solution to bring them home early.





Alternative Titles

Dragons : Le cadeau du Furie Nocturne, Dragons - Gift of the Night Fury, 馴龍高手:夜煞的禮物, Draktränaren - Nattfasans Gåva, 4. Dragons: Gift of the Night Fury, How to Train Your Dragon - Gift of the Night Fury, Dragons. Il dono del drago, Yön Raivon lahja, Drachen - Ein Geschenk von Nachtschatten, Ako Vycvičiť Draka Na Vianoce, Cómo entrenar a tu dragón: El Obsequio de Furia Nocturna

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