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  • elisa


    drop these kids into a horror film and you get a poorly done low-budget scream (1996)

  • Alex Young


    Literally every single person should have been fired

    Great soundtrack, great cast, alright movie

  • elliewhinn


    if renée zellweger released music i’d so listen to it

  • ArseneCinema


    This would have been passable film if Liv @Tyler hadn’t ruined it with her love me love me not diatribe at the end. Kudos for getting the lead singer of Creed to play the store manager.

  • em


    vibes are astronomical… yeah i’m in love with 90’s liv taylor. 

    also stealing that tan cardigan outfit

  • Rufus Howe


    I wanna work in a record store, but I don't have the gumption to ask for one at gunpoint.

  • neko


    people in the 90’s had the most fascinating hair

  • cides


    consegue ser um dos melhores filmes adolescentes de todos os tempos, apesar de ter uma história simples trás personagens incríveis, assuntos que creio eu não tinham muita visibilidade na época e uma estética impecável!!

  • HanaCook


    i want a job at a record store i wanna live in the 90’s i’m done with the 2020’s already

  • sam🕸


    oh what i would do to work in some record or video store in the 90s

  • Nathan LeDuc


    Honestly, this was everything I hoped The Breakfast Club would be.

    "This music is the glue of the world, Mark. It's what holds it all together. Without this, life would be meaningless."

  • audrey


    loved all the characters so much