Hope's Wish Hope's Wish

The remarkable true story of Hope Stout, a 12 year old girl whose one simple wish forever changed the lives of 155 other children and everyone else around her.

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Written by Women


aobh 12,589 films

This list is for scripts or source material written or co-written by women. Recs welcome!

Of interest: letterboxd.com/film/without-lying-down-frances-marion-and-the-power-of-women-in-hollywood/


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Directed by Women


thaizy 17,109 films

list in progress

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WB is gonna defeat Disney

Sean Liu

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World War 3,Mass Effect,Hot Wheels,Ghost Recon,Ninja Scroll,Dragonriders of Pern,The Fugitive,Bone,Police Academy,Gilligan's Island,Adventure Time,Mean Moms,Victory,Forever War,Nonplayer,Mail-order Groom,Hard Boiled,40 Days of Dating,77…