John Wick: Chapter 2

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Never stab the devil in the back

John Wick is forced out of retirement by a former associate looking to seize control of a shadowy international assassins’ guild. Bound by a blood oath to aid him, Wick travels to Rome and does battle against some of the world’s most dangerous killers.




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John Wick 2, John Wick: Chapter Two, John Wick 2: Un nuevo día para matar, John Wick : Bölüm 2, John Wick Pacto de sangre, John Wick : Chapitre 2, Džonas Vikas. Antra dalis, John Wick 2 Un nuevo día para matar, John Wick: Mạng Đổi Mạng 2, John Wick Chapitre 2, 疾速追杀2, John Wick Kapitel 2, John Wick։ Chapter Two, John Wick - Kapitel 2, John Wick Um Novo Dia Para Matar, 疾速追杀2:疾速特攻, 疾速特攻, John Wick 2: Um Novo Dia para Matar