Lady Vengeance

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All she wanted was a peaceful life… they didn't give it.

After being wrongfully convicted, a woman is imprisoned for 13 years and forced to give up her daughter. While in prison she gains the respect of her cellmates and plots her revenge on the man responsible. Once released, she begins her elaborate plan of retribution, but discovers a horrifying truth.


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Chinjeolhan geumjassi, Lady Vengeance - Leben für die Rache, I ekdikisi mias kyrias, Simpatía por la mujer venganza, Simpatija za gdu. Osvetnicu, Simpatija za gđu Osvetu, Sincere geum-ja, Shinsetsu-na Kumuja-san, Señora venganza, Qin-joe-han gump-ja-she, Shed Tears for Lady Vengeance, Pani zemsta, Dulcea ei razbunare, Simpatije za gospođicu Osvetu, Sympathy for Lady Vengeance, Съчувствие за лейди Мъст, Nebohá paní Pomsta, Η Εκδίκηση μιας Κυρίας, שלום לנוקמת, A bosszú asszonya, Lady Vendetta, 親切なクムジャさん, თანაგრძნობა ქალბატონი შურისძიებისადმი, Užuojauta Keršto poniai, Chinjeolhan Geumjassi, Pani Zemsta, Lady Vingança, Vingança Planeada, Compasiune pentru Domnișoara Răzbunare, Сочувствие госпоже Месть, เธอ! ฆ่าแบบชาติหน้าไม่ต้องเกิด, İntikam Meleği, Співчуття пані Помсті, Người Đẹp Báo Thù, 亲切的金子, 親切的金子

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