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1986 Gyunggi Province. The body of a young woman is found brutally raped and murdered. Two months later, a series of rapes and murders commences under similar circumstances. And in a country that had never known such crimes, the dark whispers about a serial murderer grow louder. A special task force is set up in the area, with two local detectives Park Doo-Man and Jo Young-Goo joined by a detective from Seoul who requested to be assigned to the case.




Alternative Titles

ذكريات قاتل, Memorias de un asesino, Memórias de Um Assassino, Pecet vraha - Vzpomínky na vraha, Mnimes eglimaton, Μνήμες Εγκλήματος, 殺人回憶, Sjecanja na umorstvo, A halál jele, Satsujin no tsuioku, 殺人の追憶, Salinui chueok, Zagadka zbrodni, Sećanja na ubistvo, Воспоминания об убийстве, Cinayet Anilari

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