Once Upon a Time in Anatolia Once Upon a Time in Anatolia

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In the rural area around the Anatolian town of Keskin, the local prosecutor, police commissar, and doctor lead a search for a victim of a murder to whom a suspect named Kenan and his mentally challenged brother confessed. However, the search is proving more difficult than expected as Kenan is fuzzy as to the body's exact location. As the group continues looking, its members can't help but chat among themselves about both trivia and their deepest concerns in an investigation that is proving more trying than any of them expected.




Alternative Titles

Es war einmal in Anatolien, Il était une fois en Anatolie, Kapote stin Anatolia, Pewnego razu w Anatolii, Однажды в Анатолии, Bir Zamanlar Anadolu'da, Одного разу в Анатолії, Once Upon A Time In Anatolia

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