Pixie Hollow Games Pixie Hollow Games

Rosetta and new arrival Chloe band together to try to break the garden fairies' legendary losing streak in the Pixie Hollow Games, a sports spectacle filled with pixie pageantry, fantastic fairy events and hilarious surprises.




Alternative Titles

Tinker Bell and the Pixie Hollow Games, Disney Pixie Hollow Games, Clochette - Le Tournoi des Fees, Tinker Bell 4: The Pixie Hollow Games, Fée Clochette et le tournoi des fées, Os Jogos do Vale das Fadas, 04. Турнир долины фей, Tinker Bell 05 Os Jogos do Refúgio das Fadas (Curta), Tinker Bell - Os Jogos do Refúgio das Fadas (Curta), Trilli - I giochi della Radura Incantata

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