Reality Bites

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A comedy about love in the '90s

A small circle of friends suffering from post-collegiate blues must confront the hard truth about life, love and the pursuit of gainful employment. As they struggle to map out survival guides for the future, the Gen-X quartet soon begins to realize that reality isn't all it's cracked up to be.





Alternative Titles

Génération 90, Bocados de realidad, Caindo na Real, Reality bites (Bocados de realidad), 청춘 스케치, Neoi, wraioi kai anergoi, H pragmatikothta Dagkwnei, H pragmatikotita Dagkonei, Neoi, oraioi kai anergoi, H pragmatikotita Dagkwnei, H pragmatikothta Dagkonei, Νεοι, Ωραιοι και Ανεργοι, Η Πραγματικοτητα Δαγκωνει, Η Πραγματικότητα Δαγκώνει, Generación X, Reality Bites - Voll das Leben