Separate We Come, Separate We Go Separate We Come, Separate We Go

Separate We Come, Separate We Go is the story of a 10-year-old girl, Thea who escapes her bleak domestic life to find sanctuary in the surreal desert landscape of Dungeness. Roaming around the barren skeletons of boats and abandoned fishing huts, she is increasingly aware of her loneliness and vulnerability. Seemingly out of nowhere a man (David Thewlis) appears; she is so intrigued by him she defies all lessons taught about strangers and approaches him. As they walk and talk she discovers he is a widower and has lost his son; she realises she is not alone in experiencing loss. He notices her sadness and unusual maturity and decides to help lift her out of her melancholy. Through the metaphor of the freedom of flying birds, he shows her that life does have exciting possibilities. This redemptive story shows that in life you should not allow fear to limit your horizons.

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